Maternity Buys For The Second Trimester

signedbyroxci second trimester

I feel like each trimester has its own needs. I didn’t really anything that much during my first trimester but when the second one rolled around, I found myself shopping online for more necessities.

Here are my maternity buys:

Maternity clothes

I stocked up on dresses because I wanted to buy clothes that I knew I’d still be able to wear in postpartum. I started off with loose dresses and then started buying more body hugging ones as the bump grew. It’s a little funny because pre-baby, I wouldn’t usually go for a bodycon dress, but now that I have a baby bump, I love showing it off!

Over time, I also ended up getting maternity shorts, maternity jeans, and maternity leggings. The shorts were a need because of Hawaii’s weather, and the leggings were what I’d use in the gym and on flights. The jeans? Well, they was just there in case I needed to look more put together.

Bra Extenders

I hate buying bras, you guys. I don’t know why, but it’s just such a tedious task for me. So I opted for the next best thing: bra extenders. I got mine from Amazon and still use them on my existing bras today.

To be honest, being pregnant hasn’t necessarily given me bigger boobs. But it has given me a bigger rib cage. So the extenders are there to let me use the same bras and cup size that I used to have, but they allow me more breathing room when it comes to the actual bra size.

There’s nothing worse than a bra digging into your chest, you guys. IT HURTS.

Pregnancy Pillow

Prior to getting a pregnancy pillow, I used to sleep with a big body pillow. It’s what I was used to growing up.

But after getting pregnant and having a hard time sleeping and breathing, I got a pregnancy pillow and it’s made a difference when it comes to actual rest.

I usually prop 2 pillows and one end of my pregnancy pillow under my head, and then I place the other end of the pregnancy pillow in between my legs.

Do I sound ridiculous for having 3 pillows under my head? Yes. But also, I don’t care because at least I can breathe and sleep properly.

signedbyroxci mustela

Stretch Mark Cream

I feel like I’ve gone on and on about my favorite Mustela stretch mark cream in my Instagram, but I really do swear by it. Inititally, I was expecting to get a few stretch marks on my belly because I know my mom had them when she was pregnant with me. But now, I’m currently in my third trimester and I’m still stretchmark-free in my belly bump area! And I do think that I owe a big part of it all to Mustela!

I started using stretch mark cream on the last month of my first trimester and have been religiously applying it ever since. Only wish I knew earlier on that I had to lather it on my thighs and butt too because I do see a few tiger stripes there. Oh well! Just gotta double up on those areas nowadays, I guess!

Tip: Opt for the fragrance-free version if you can’t stand anything with a scent in it. That’s what I did.

Compression Socks

Since we were headed to the Philippines for our babymoon, my OBGYN recommended that I get a pair of compression socks for the long-haul flight.

Not gonna lie, compression socks are an absolute challenge to put on when you’ve got a watermelon for a baby bump, so I would highly suggest getting your partner to help you pull up the tight socks over your calves.

Prior to our flight, I was terrified about getting blood clots in my legs, so I was pretty adamant about getting these socks on before our plane took off.

Were they comfortable mid-flight? To be honest, no, they weren’t because they were tight — they are compression socks after all. But do I regret wearing them? No, because I’d rather deal with a little discomfort than struggle with blood clots in the future.

& there you have it, you guys! Those are 5 maternity buys for the second trimester. I’m thinking about making a similar post of maternity buys for the third trimester, especially because I already have a few items that I consider an absolute godsend. But give me a few more weeks to gather and try out my purchases before I make a list!