Missing Europe Food || European Taste Experience

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Having spent a good amount of time in Europe, I’ve got to say that I miss a lot of the food there. For some reason, the ingredients taste much fresher, and the colors appear more vibrant — at least that’s how I remembered most of my foodie adventures.

Sometimes I remember the places I went to not just by the places I visited, but also by the things I ate. One of my best meals in Europe had to be a duck confit dish in France. It was a nice little restaurant near the Paris Catacombs and it was quite seriously one of the best things I had ever tried.

Another French favorite of mine is the pain au chocolat. I had one every day and gained the weight to prove it — oh but it was so worth it because they were buttery and flaky and moist in the middle. Just thinking about it is making me salivate, to be honest.

A few days ago the French Food & Drink Federation sent over a package of their Fall Favorite Food Goodies. I lit up when I saw the box because I was missing Europe quite a bit. I mean, Hawaii and all its spam musubi and poke bowl glory are amazing, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I still dream about that duck confit I had in France 2 years ago, and I can’t help but daydream again.

My favorites of the package have to be the sardines in extra virgin olive oil, the jam, and the caramel candies.

Growing up, I used to hate sardines. But my husband, Vergs, loves putting sardines on bread for breakfast, so we’d always get a few cans when we were based in Europe. You guys, the sardines in Europe taste so much better than the ones I was “forced” to eat growing up. Somehow, the ones from Europe have more flavor without being too fishy, if that makes sense. They’re also usually less salty.

The caramel carambar candies are great, considering I have such a sweet tooth. I usually have a stick as my dessert at least once a day. I don’t usually take it out with me, so I’m not too sure if they would melt in Hawaii’s weather. But for now, I’m liking them solid and chewy.

Lastly, the jam is unreal. Its flavor is apricot, almond, and orange, which is a feat on its own because all those flavors put together are great on crackers or bread. I also like how it doesn’t have an overpowering aftertaste like some jams do.

Not gonna lie, you guys. Tasting all these French food items made me miss Europe a little more — especially since their prices for alcohol are so much cheaper haha! But anyway, I’ve got a few more Europe travel blog posts to write so stick around for them!