My mom can be quite the vampire sometimes. She turned a year older last Saturday and people still tell her that she looks young enough to be my older sister. Which makes me wonder if maybe I do look more mature now. Not that it’s a bad thing though. Our CEO at work once mistook me for an intern a day after I was regularized, and well, let’s just say that I’ve been taking the necessary “improvements” in making sure I look more professional at work. Here’s a hint: Blazers do wonders.

I took her and dad out for dinner at Greenbelt, a place we don’t usually frequent as we live in the North. But it was a special occasion after all, so it was worth the trip. Plus, I’ve been going to the Fort for work 5 days a week now, that Makati didn’t seem at all that far anymore.


Fish and Chips

We spent the night salivating over plates at Marciano’s. Dad enjoyed telling us the story of the man whom the restaurant was named after. Apparently he was an undefeated boxer who might have even been greater than Mohammed Ali. Pretty cool!


Prawns and Calamari Salad


Woody Allen Linguine

Mom’s favorite. I have to say the truffle cream used in the pasta sealed the deal on this one.


Tenderloin with Sausage

My absolute fave during our dinner. I’m not much of a meat-eater but this plate had me dishing out praises for it the entire time. The black pepper sauce was absolutely delicious and brought out the flavors of the tenderloin. 

Bryant Park Pizza

I reckon if we didn’t stop dad from devouring this pizza, he would’ve finished every slice.

Apple Pie

Dear mom, I meant what I said about having you as both a parent and a best friend. I’ll always be thankful for our mom-and-daughter bonding dates, because those are only some of the few moments that I get to have you all to myself again. Heehee, sorry dad. I love you, mommy! Happy birthday! :)

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