Norfolk Notables

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I spent a good amount of my January bundled in 2-3 layers of clothes to help survive the Virginia winter. Seeing as I shudder at the very thought of staying in a cold place, I packed my luggage to the brim with sweaters, hoodies, jackets, thermals, socks, boots – absolutely anything that could get me through the cold. I wasn’t taking any chances. 

It’s probably not a secret anymore, but the the Virginia trip was brought about by Vergs’ Navy classes. Well, that and because we were getting married. BUT I’ll save that for a different post. ;) Heading over to the US was just easier for the two of us. I didn’t need to prep for a Visa anymore and he’d be flying with a ticket c/o the Navy. 


Click here for the VA & DC vlog.

To be honest, I started my year with a bit of exasperation. 

“Why Virginia? What’s there to do? Is healthy food readily available? Will I just stay in the hotel every time he goes to class?” 

And the answers?

“Because Vergs has class. Nothing much to do. Don’t even count on healthy food. And don’t worry, you can go off and wander.”



Our place was conveniently located near the essentials: McDonald’s, Food Lion, and my newly dubbed favorite Wawa. 

I make it a point to eat in McDonald’s wherever country I go, so Vergs took me there for our first meal. I didn’t enjoy it that much though and the self-service counter was a bit confusing – Haha, insert “walang-ganito-sa-Pinas” joke here.

Wawa, on the other hand, oh my goodness, where do I even begin? It’s absolutely amazing and I cannot stress this enough. It’s a 24-hour convenience store at a gas station and really, it’s like Subway and 7-Eleven on steroids. We’d buy food there at least once a day – tried everything from their egg white breakfast bowls to their BBQ chicken quesadillas. The fact that it was literally a stone’s throw away from our place was the cherry on top and actually became the deciding factor for when Vergs asked me if I wanted to switch hotels.

Food Lion’s part of my list, only because I love supermarkets and find it therapeutic going through each of the aisles. Call me crazy, but it works for me. I remember going everyday when Vergs was in class actually. I even had a system.


Wake up. 

Stuff myself with biscuits and gravy or buy an Egg White Spinach Breakfast Bowl from Wawa.

Kiss Vergs goodbye. 

Tidy up the room. 

Take a shower. 

Video call with my parents or Vergs’ family. 

Walk over to Food Lion to stock up on snacks.

Research on what else we had to do to fix papers etc. 

Welcome Vergs back home. 

Have lunch with him and Chittaphong and do whatever we wanted to do after. 

- Delish Snow Ramen!! We needed a break from all the fried food.



We headed over to Cloud 9 with some friends one night. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t too full after dinner – I remember only downing a Sonic milkshake actually – so all the jumping around didn’t make me hurl. It did however, give me a headache and a bruised ego. That moment after dodgeball when we all just laid down, utterly speechless and worn out from all the jumping and running, made us realize how old we were compared to the kids who had the slot before us. Haha!


Speaking of kids, we got to meet Melissa, a cousin of Vergs, and her beautiful family over at Suffolk for lunch.

Melissa’s downright fab – and I say this with absolute honesty. First off, she has three kids and looks amazing. Second, the house that she and Mark has is incredibly well-kept and chic in hues of cream and teal. Last but not the least, their kids are so adorable and well-mannered – they even have a dog!

They were basically #relationshipgoals materalized. We were in awe at how they would talk when their kids were around. We saw how they had their own system at home (i.e. not forcing the kids to eat if they didn’t feel like it) and how it worked really well for them. We also got a glimpse of how it would be when Vergs and I finally start hosting friends and family over in the future. 

Maybe it was the delicious apple pie ala mode, but everything seemed right during that lunch. Talking to Melissa and Mark really got me excited on living my life as a military wife – everything just seems so promising! To be frank, I’m really excited for what lies ahead. :)


Also, everybody needs to calm down. There are no plans on having kids just yet. :)) We’ll start off with a dog first!

In retrospect, I wouldn’t have changed that Virginia trip for anything else – not even a few days in San Diego or Florida.

Seeing as I’m still relatively new to the husband’s military lifestyle, Virginia was the best place for me to start. Most of the people there, particularly those based in Norfolk, have an affiliation in the Navy in one way or another – whether they’ve a son in active duty or a retired officer for a husband. Five out of my seven flights actually had me seated next to someone connected to the US Military. 

I chatted with a lovely lady whose second husband was in the Navy. She shared stories of how I reminded her of her younger years and told me about the heartbreak of each deployment and how wives never really get used to saying goodbyes or see you laters no matter how many years have passed. She talked me through the military benefits – education, medical, housing, even theme park discounts. She also gave me the name of her son’s studio that I was to visit the next time I’d be in Virginia. 

Another flight had me seated next to a couple in their 50s, whose business involved selling equipment to the military. 

“Are you from here?” they asked. 

“No, I just went here for my husband. We got married a couple of days back.”

“Oh! That’s wonderful! Always a pleasure meeting someone in the Service! It’s sad that you’re leaving though. I’m sure he’ll miss you.”


“Don’t make her sad,” said his wife. “You know, I’ve always had respect and adoration for families in the military. We run our business together, so we’re constantly with each other.”

“Although, it can get quite annoying sometimes,” he joked.

“Oh hush! But really, you and your husband must have a beautiful relationship if you’ve made it this far. You two are lucky to have found each other.”

And yeah, I guess we are. <3

Sorry for the abrupt ending, but I’ve got to get started on work! More stories next time! :)