Nothing Froyo Can’t Fix

pinkberry froyo frozen yogurt.JPG

No amount of lactose-intolerance can ever pry me away from one of my first loves. 


Truth be told, I’ve been a fan of froyo ever since I first dipped a spoon into a cup. There was a store called Frutti Froyo near school and I remember feeling excited albeit intimidated the first time I went in. Machines were decked against the wall with handles that spewed out tart dairy goodness. Across from the equipment was a whole slew of toppings – it was all pretty overwhelming.

Froyo used to be what coffee is to me now – comfort in a cup. And although I’ve never been one eat froyo during the morning, it has saved me from many hot summer afternoons and midnight snack runs.

You’ll always be one of my firsts, froyo.