Of Cookies and Baking

Oatmeal cookies have gotten a pretty bad rep. Apparently, oatmeal and raisin cookies are one of the reasons why people have trust issues – or at least that’s what it says on the Internet.


I get it. Why go for oatmeal when you could pick a chocolate chip cookie? Why go for the boring one? 

I love cookies. I’ve loved them ever since I’ve had my first Chips Ahoy. 

I used to bake orders for friends. Practically slaved and got zero sleep on my last bulk order, but I got through it. And I’d do it all over again, only this time, I’d start cracking the eggs and mixing the ingredients earlier – like you know, before 8pm. #whatwasithinking 

I haven’t really taken any orders in the past weeks because of work and other priorities. But during the times that I would crave for a cookie, I’d take out our electric mixer and start measuring cups of sugar and flour. 

Baking is one of the ways I’m reminded that I still have control over something. It’s how I show myself over and over again that even if things seem chaotic and forlorn, I can still whip up a pretty mean batch of decadent goodies. 

Some days, I’ll go for my usual dark chocolate chip. Other times, I’ll just make brownies. But for my last baking sesh, I made oatmeal cookies. I remember thinking, “Hey, I’ve never really made an oatmeal cookie that I’ve actually liked before.” And with that came a challenge. One that I answered with recipes searches on Google and a whole lot of peeking in the oven to check if I could have my first bite.

Heads up, they were delicious. 

Happy to say that I’ve finally found an oatmeal cookie recipe to my liking. Little things like this give me so much joy, I can’t even explain it.

P.S. For any cookie orders, send over an email at roxcivergara@gmail.com. Cheers!