Pay It Forward, A CBTL Brew Your Best Year Article

A week ago, I wrote an article for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – one of my go to cafes during university years. Since today’s Christmas and we’re all in the spirit of giving, I thought it’d be apt to share an excerpt. 

As Christmas songs go on full blast and bright lights warm the streets, you wonder if for the nth time, you’re finally done with all of your holiday shopping.

It’s one of the most brutal periods of the year. Several bazaars and mall sales to check out, never-ending Christmas lists that have burned both your wallet and sanity, with the almost-impossible traffic situation and the coiled lines at cashier stations.

You look at the bags scattered in the seat next to you. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, you count, when a sound interrupts your thoughts. You look up and see a little girl of maybe 8 years old. She has long hair, a big grin, and a homemade tambourine made from bits of wire and bottle caps. You notice that there are holes on her faded pink shirt but she doesn’t seem to mind as she sings a Christmas song outside your window.

Normally you’d pretend to look at your phone or knock against the window, a signal for her to move on to the next car. But this particular time, you can’t look away.

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This Christmas, I hope you remember that giving doesn’t always have to appear in material form. Sometimes time, effort, or an act of random kindness are all it takes to turn someone’s holiday around. 

& with that I bid you a holly jolly Christmas! 🎄