This Friday, I fly off to San Diego to be with the husband for a good three months.

It’s sudden, yes. But at the same time, also expected. We’ve been meaning to be with each other again after getting married last January. It’s amazing how we once thought we’d only have a month and a half max during our next “vacation” together. Yet here we are with three months to spend with each other – FREAKING AMAZING. Thank You, sweet baby Jesus!

My schedule’s pretty packed left and right because of the sudden changes. Understandable seeing as even though I leave on the morning of June 3, I’ll be maxing out my last few days of work with iflix until June 2. I’m not complaining though. I’ll miss my colleagues and friends loads. They’ve truly become my second family – I’ve basically spent most of my time at work or on the road going to or from work. 

At the moment, I’m left with a plethora of items on my to-do list before my Friday flight. So far, I’ve only checked off on two of them. Yikes. 

Here’s to hoping the weather and my time management skills are on my side for the next few days!