3 Reasons Why You Need A Content Planner

signed by roxci content planner

I’ve been a stickler for organization over the last few months, especially because 2018 was a year of moving and I didn’t know where my things were half the time. As such, my content creating took a step back.

Over the past few days, I’ve talked about The Content Planner on my Instagram. I did an unboxing the other day, and then I talked about how I use the planner and etc. You guys already know that I only talk about products I genuinely use and I’m happy to say that this Content Planner is something I use every day.

If you’re a content creator like me or if you’re someone who manages multiple side hustles or social media accounts, I definitely think you should get your hands on The Content Planner.

Here’s why:

signed by roxci content planner

1. Look at the Bigger Picture

The Content Planner starts off with what I call its content highlights. It has an On Your Radar page, giving you a list of things to take note of. It's important to understand that these radar ideas aren’t necessarily urgent for the current month. But they're things you’d need to be reminded of, just in case you need to shoot or prep your content beforehand.

The next few pages are my favorites: the Monthly Themes page and the Holiday pages.

Again, because I am a content creator, I’m constantly spewing out content on my Instagram, blog, and YouTube. And because of that, sometimes my ideas run dry and I’m left stumped over what else I can talk about.

This is where the monthly themes and the holiday list come in handy. They literally give me topics relevant to the time my audience needs them. Another feature worth mentioning is the 2019 At A Glance page. Not gonna lie though, the first time I saw it, I was both anxious and overwhelmed.

I have this thing about blank pages, where I feel like I have to fill in every single empty area. BUT Kat, the creator of the Content Planner, actually says it’s okay to leave a few of the months blank. This means it’s okay if you don’t have anything planned yet for May etc. I mean, it’s only January after all. Give yourself a break. You’ll think of something in a few months.

2. Monitor Growth

The monthly spreads start off by identifying your 4 monthly goals. It has a few other things that are on that page, but let me just talk about this a little more in detail.

Having too many goals can be counterintuitive to a person’s productivity. So stick to 4 specific and tangible tasks — ones that will challenge you, yet ones you know you can actually achieve.

Another growth monitoring feature is the part where you can note down the number of followers or subscribers you have on each of your social media platforms. At the start of the month, you'll write down the numbers you have, and you do the same when the month ends.

I know it’s such a trivial thing. But it’s important, especially for people like me who understand that sometimes influence can be a numbers thing.

signed by roxci content planner

3. Stay Accountable

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I used to be afraid of writing with a pen because there was a sense of permanence in writing things down. This is why I loved typing — it’s way easier to highlight and delete.

Using a pen on the Content Planner actually gets me to stick to my content plan because I know that if I mess up, I’d end up ruining my entire schedule. And okay, I know it sounds so dramatic, but I take my organization seriously. Also, I hate crossing things out on my planner because it looks ugly — and well, you know, #bloggerlife. Aesthetics is everything.

In all honesty, prior to getting the Content Planner, I used to have one planner for everything. I turned it into my journal, my errands planner, my events planner, and my content planner all rolled in one. Suffice to say, things got so unorganized that no matter how many times I tried to have a sense of order in it. It just wasn’t working.

Now, I have two planners. One that I use as an everyday planner (errands + events + journal) and my Content Planner; I’m so happy, you guys. Let’s just say that everything’s going smoothly so far.

Case in point, I got this post up as scheduled, right? ;)