Sakura Sushi, El Puerto de Santa Maria

dragon roll sakura sushi el puerto de santa maria.jpg

As much as I love Rota and all its endless plates of tapas, I still have days when I'd love to sink my teeth into something other than Spanish food. The truth is, there’s only so much chorizo and paella my tummy can take.

Rota’s roster of restaurants and fastfood is an alliteration I wish I could talk highly about. The thing is, there aren’t really many choices to choose from. We’d have to drive out to other towns if we’re craving for Taco Bell or KFC. One time, a friend and I drove a full 45 minutes just for some good ol’ boba tea. What can I say? Girls and hormones. Go figure.

On days when the husband and I are craving for comfort food, we head over to Sakura Sushi. I guess this is where I put about a note about how Vergs loves Japanese food with a passion. He’d eat it everyday if he could. Noot even Filipino favorites like sinigang and sisig come close.

Salmon Sashimi 

Salmon Sashimi 

Sakura Sushi has never let us down. I’ve been there several times during two different Spain trips and it just doesn’t disappoint. The Japanese restaurant opens at 7:30pm for their dinner service. This means, Vergs and I are usually starving by the time we get there. Guess we still aren't used to how Spaniards eat dinner at 9pm. Our stomachs start rumbling at 6pm!

Our Sakura orders always go something like this: a plate of salmon sashimi each, 1-2 dragon rolls, a tuna and avocado temaki, and glasses of tinto. Sakura gives every table a little bowl of peanuts too. I tend to finish half of the bowl every time.

Salmon Sashimi (5 out of 5 on the DO scale)

I was floored the first time I had Sakura’s salmon sashimi.  Just look at the photo. Those are 4 incredibly thick cuts of raw fish. There's absolutely nothing flimsy about them.

Tastewise, I have nothing bad to say about it at all. I haven’t been to Japan just yet. But so far, this puts all the other sashimi plates I’ve had to shame. Seriously, there’s a reason why this dish is a constant of ours.

Disclaimer: The cuts weren’t as massively thick during my second visit. However, there were more salmon pieces on the plate. Personally, we think the size per plate is still the same. Maybe they just decided to cut the fish into more pieces for easier sharing.

Dragon Roll (4.5 out of 5 on the DO scale)

We’ve tried a few different rolls in Sakura’s menu. But we always find ourselves coming back to our much-loved dragon roll. It’s got unagi — an absolute fave of ours — shrimp tempura, and avocado. I don’t even bother dipping it in soy sauce anymore. The sauce drizzled on top is sweet and needs no other addition.

Tinto de Verano (5 out of 5 on the DO scale)

I usually opt for water, whether I’m at home or in a restaurant. In Spain however, I find myself ordering glasses of tinto or sangria. Vergs introduced me to the habit of asking for tinto with a slice of lemon. It helps remove any sushi aftertaste after the meal.

Sakura Sushi was such a staple in our diet during my Spain visits. I’ve got no complaints though. I’m already counting the months until we can go back and order another round of our favorites!