San Diego: USS Midway Museum

USS midway san diego california.JPG

Military life fascinates me. It’s all so new. A year into my marriage and to be honest I still don’t think I’ve figured my way around all the acronyms, time differences, and schedules. The comforting thing though is that I’m not alone. I’ve read quite a bunch of military wife blogs that tell me it’s completely normal to be at a loss for words – especially if you’re already at your wit’s end because schedules can change in an instant. But more on that next time!


Whenever I get the chance, I try and take the opportunity to know more about Vergs’ life on the ship. I can get pretty obsessed really. When I found out that they turned a former carrier ship into a museum and that it was right smack dab in San Diego where we were staying at the time, we booked tickets on a whim and drove straight to USS Midway.

The USS Midway is massive. We went through the corridors and I honestly felt that I’d get lost if there weren’t any arrows and numbered areas located inside. Also, since it’s a carrier ship, it’s a far cry from the one Vergs is on – his is tiny compared to the USS Midway. But hey like what I said, I’ll take all that I’m given when it comes to learning more about life aboard a ship.


Tickets for adults (excluding students and retired military) cost $20 if bought on the spot. But if you buy online, they’ll scrap off $2 from the price. 

Admission includes a self-guided audio tour to help you get through the premises.

I’m tempted to post photos of the sights inside, but to be honest, I think it’s better if you take a trip yourself! Trust me, the USS Midway is worth the visit if you want to know more about life in the Navy. You’d get to see the berthing area (where the service members sleep), the galley (where they eat), and you’d even get a sneak peek at the control rooms. 

‘Til next time!