San Diego’s Won Me Over

It’s been four days since arriving back in the Philippines and so far, I’m still recovering from heat-induced migraines, waking up in the wee hours of the morning, and excessive sweating. Seriously, guys, was the weather always this hot three months ago? I’ve been sweating profusely ever since I landed – it’s pretty gross.

Anyway. The last three months have been a dream. Prepping for my trip on such short notice had me going through a mix of emotions. Some happy, some sad, some nervous, but mostly happy. And why wouldn’t I be? In those three months, my husband and I had a glimpse of a honeymoon intertwined with a dose of reality. 

And maybe that’s why we’ll always look back on San Diego with a smile. So many memories were made there, so many items ticked off of a bucket list. 

I know we still have a couple of years before Vergs gets stationed elsewhere. But given how much we love SD, we’ve already got a list of naval bases we want to get selected for come 2018.