Shake Shack’s Burger

shake shack burger fries.jpg

It’s an ad made real.

I love a good burger as much as the next person but the thing is, I’m a loyalist. I know my top favorite chains and get my usual choices. Burger King calls for a Whopper Jr – always a Junior because a regular size leaves me feeling queasy and too full. Snack Shack, which is just immensely incredible with its cheap price and delicious prize of a burger, captures my heart with its Quarter Pound burger with everything on it. 

These two are my trusted friends. They never let me down – except for how these two burgers compare to their marketing counterpart…

Which definitely isn’t the case for Shake Shack’s Burger. See photo above and prepare to salivate.  

The patty is succulent and thick, with charred edges that make for a smoky flavor. The bun is soft on the outside and well toasted with butter on the inside – did I mention how I love that it isn’t soggy at all? The tomatoes are vibrant, the lettuce looks crunchy, and the sauce isn’t carelessly slathered on, making a good sauce to burger ratio. 

Shake Shack, you are one of a kind.