How To Spice Up Your LDR Life || Brave Crate

signed by roxci brave crate

Let me just begin this by saying that NO, this will NOT be a blog post on anything sexual, because… Well, my parents still read my blog and that would be awkward.

Hi mom and dad!

Alright. Now that that’s settled.

Many used to call me the LDR girl and I didn’t really take offense to that. I used to get constant questions before about how I am, how I’m doing and is it hard etc.


I’ve also gotten a number of “I don’t know how you do it” comments referencing the LDR life. & well, to be honest, I don’t know how I did it either. It just happened. Time doesn’t pause or fast forward no matter how much we want it to. And in the end, we’re just left waiting.

Waiting for a partner to get back.

Waiting for a package to be received.

Basically waiting for a time that we think would be better than the present.

And there’s nothing wrong with waiting. I mean, I waited for months before. But I think there’s something glorifying about doing something for yourself during the waiting period.

I’ve gone on about self-care in the past. But for today’s post, I feel like I should dive into it a bit further.

This one goes out to all those ladies currently on #teamLDR, whether it’s brought about by deployment or not.

Brave Crate is a monthly subscription box that caters to those counting the days until they get to be with their partner again. Each package is carefully curated and allows women to shift their focus away from the endless counting and instead, reminds them to draw their attention to their goals — ones that may have been forgotten because of all the craziness that preparing for an LDR brings.

February is practically one of the worse months for anyone in a long distance relationship.

Like believe me, I’ve holed up indoors before and swore off social media for a day because it killed me to see all the couple photos and cheesy messages when my husband was in a ship halfway on the other side of the world.

It sucks, you guys. There’s no other way to put it nicely.

signed by roxci brave crate

But Brave Crate, being the savior that it is, tends to make Valentine’s day a little more bearable with their package and all its goodies.

Here’s what’s inside this month’s box:

  • Selfie light

  • Showerless shave gel from Busy Beauty

  • Charcoal mask from 8Lack

  • Makeup bag from Rise Bar

  • Puppy love snack mix from Cakejwl

  • Conversation cards from Joyful Couple

  • Goat’s milk soap from Udderly Natural

My fave item so far has to be the makeup bag because it is so adorable and also, pretty truthful if I may add. I literally have drawers upon drawers of makeup at home, you guys. It’s pretty insane.

A few days ago, one of my everyday makeup bags got so dirty that I knew I needed to replace it — the stains weren’t coming out even after a wash — but I just hadn’t been able to. So when I saw the makeup bag at the bottom of my box, I was so so happy!

I also used it as an excuse to buy another tube of my fave lippie at Ulta, but hey, I need to treat myself, right?

Another item I liked was the selfie light, which I think is such a great item for anyone who loves sending selfies to their partner.

Vergs and I used to send each other selfies all the time back when we in our LDR. Selfies at the mall, selfies at a friend’s house, selfies after a good gym sesh. That’s the LDR life, guys. Pictures are kind of a big deal.

signed by roxci brave crate

This next item is a bit on the mature side, so you know, heads up.

My Brave Crate came with a set of conversation cards. And at first, I thought it would just be simple cards to get a conversation going when a call gets boring. Things like, “If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why?” You know PG stuff.

But I was so wrong, you guys.

The cards are an opportunity for you and your significant other to talk about more intimate matters, which is pretty important if you want to “spice up your sex life”.

That’s all I’m gonna say about it for now. ;)

Anyway, if you are interested in getting a Brave Crate of your own, just click on this link! Don’t forget to use the code SBRX to get $5 off your order!