Taking the Leap, a Brew Your Best Year article

In the spirit of all things Dec 31 that I feel basically serves as a day to say thank you for the year that’s passed, here’s a year-ender article I wrote for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Brew Your Best Year.

I scroll through the photos in my phone. I play the many videos saved — Snaps included — and a smile creeps onto my lips.

The period before the year ends is when I tend to become the most retrospective. I replay memories over and over in my head, but this time, I make an effort to see everything. It fascinates me how the littlest of things can change a person, how one opportunity can create better and brighter paths, and how sometimes all it takes is a simple commitment to saying “yes” to things that tug at the heart — no matter how frightening and unfamiliar they may be.

I call 2016 my year of big leaps. A couple of hours after the past New Year rang in, my then-boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And I said yes, because really – when the love of your life asks you to spend forever with him, there is no other answer.

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2016 was good to me. When the clock struck 12, I vowed to myself that I was going to make the year full of love – cheesy as it may sound, I knew it wasn’t that easy to do. I told myself to practice love in everything I’d commit to: career, relationships, and self development. 

A couple of hours later, who would’ve thought I’d end up with an engagement ring on my finger? 

2016, you were brilliant beyond words. Thank you for letting me find and acknowledge who I am, thank you for letting me grow both as an individual and as a wife, and thank you for the surplus of family and friends that I’ve been fortunate to have way more meaningful relationships with.

Now that 2017′s slowly moving in, I’ve already got another promise in place. But maybe I’ll keep that to myself for now. Let’s wait another year until I reveal it on the blog. 

Have an amazing New Year’s Eve, everyone!