The Trip That Almost Didn't Happen

A little over a month ago, I surprised the boyfriend with a trip to a private island off Cebu. We had spent roughly 9 months in a long distance relationship and I wanted each day of his vacation to be memorable, so I set out planning a little getaway for us.

It almost didn’t push through though…

Two days before our flight to Cebu, I had a raging 40 degree fever. I was bawling my eyes because I felt that all my planning and savings had been wasted since I was deemed unfit to travel. I remember lying in bed, shivering under 4 thick blankets, and pleading God to bring my fever down – and it did, to a mere 38 degrees. The day after, I went to the doctor alone – because my family was busy packing for my mom’s US trip that night – and Vergs, being the sweet boyfriend that he is, went with me because he knows how much doctors and their possible prognosis can give me such anxiety. 

After checking in with the doctor and being told that I was fit to travel, I was ecstatic! There was only one condition though. Given that the private island didn’t have any doctors on call and was too far off from Cebu city and from any hospitals, I had strict orders not to swim and had a prescription of heavy duty antibiotics. I didn’t let that faze me though. I was just too happy that I could continue on with my surprise.

I swear, seeing my boyfriend’s face when I told him about the gift… Now, that was priceless. :) 

Glad we got a few things checked off our bucket list, baby! I love making you happy. :)