The weather’s been pretty cold recently, and although I’m not exactly one to completely squeal in delight – due to the fact that I shiver easily – I have been able to turn this in my favor by satisfying myself with a good ‘ol hearty and hot bowl of ramen.


Ryu Ramen (330) 5 out of 5 on the DO scale.

I’ve only been to Ryu a handful of times, but I’ve always ordered this dish in all of my visits. There’s just something about how the curry – that’s made fresh everyday – adds a full-bodied element to a bowl of good ramen. It brings a certain depth to the broth with its warmth and earthy flavor. To be quite honest, if I could eat this everyday, I probably would.


Yasai Itame (P150) 2 out of 5 on the DO scale.

I’m not usually one to order an appetizer especially if I’m readying my tummy for a big bowl of ramen. But considering how I was famished at the time, I made my growling stomach do the talking.

Ryu’s stir-fried vegetable dish comes with bits of sauteed meat for that added bit of flavor – albeit a little chewy. The veggies were cooked perfectly though, as they still had a crunch to them; I only wish they weren’t doused in too much soy sauce.