5 Things Bloggers Need || Giveaway

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Being a blogger myself, there are a ton of things I could talk about when it comes to blogging needs. Trust me, I can go on and on about this topic. I’ve gone through domains like Xanga, Blogspot, Wordpress until finally deciding it was time to take the leap and get my own blog domain late last year. 

Blogging has always been such a huge part of me. I used to post regular entries about food stories and reviews. I’d publish them at night to give everyone late night hunger pangs — haha sorry university friends! After food blogging, I stepped into lifestyle content, particularly ones that struck on a more personal note — my long distance relationship and all the struggles and travels that came along with it.

Now, I’m married, about to move to yet another new duty station, and THIS close to starting a family — so I already have a ton of content ideas in my head for my readers.

Over the years, I’ve learned SO MUCH about the blogging world. I have my stash of blogging essentials, things that I absolutely depend on when it comes to getting the perfect shot, applications I use on a daily basis, and pieces that I just cannot leave the house without. 

Things Every Blogger Needs

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1. Grammarly

A few years ago, bloggers were all about the words. Bloggers weren’t just supposed to know the proper subject-verb agreements. People expected them to be eloquent too. They had to be great storytellers and know how to keep their readers, well, reading.

Now though, it seems as if a lot of people get by with posting pretty photos. And although that’s not entirely bad, I tend to miss being entertained by a blogger’s story. At the moment, I only have a handful of blogs I continuously read for leisure or learnings.

If you’re an aspiring blogger or a content writer, go to Grammarly. Sometimes a lot of typos can happen when you’re fueled by the moment and typing nonstop on the keyboard. I’m speaking from experience here. I almost always see a typographical error every time I read one of my drafts.

Grammarly is amazing because it helps me take note of those little mistakes. It tells me when my punctuation marks are iffy, when I’ve misspelled a word, and when my subject-verb agreements are questionable at best. It’s basically my little assistant for proper writing, and hopefully, it’ll be yours too.


2. High-Quality Photos / Dependable Camera

When I was still working in advertising, a phrase was thrown into discussions a lot. It was, “Content is king.”

Nowadays, high-quality content doesn’t just mean the meat of the story or the actual words. It also means the photos that go along with it.

Aside from having an eye for photography and basically recognizing what looks good, a dependable camera can provide high-quality photos for your blog and social media content. Now there’s been a bit of discussion lately about whether or not bloggers really need a heavy duty DSLR when they can just use a point and shoot or their phone for taking photos— and let’s be honest, phone cameras are seriously upping their game.

Personally, my photos are taken either with my Sony Alpha 5100x — a wedding gift from my husband — or my iPhone6S. I usually use the former only because I find the images to be a bit clearer and sharper than the ones taken with my iPhone. But then again, let’s see what happens once I upgrade my phone to a more recent version.

I do have a DSLR but I left it in the Philippines because it was too heavy to bring along with me. I also used to have a Samsung NX Mini, which I absolutely loved apart from the fact that I couldn’t really find additional lenses for it.


3. Lightroom and Photoshop

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With the mention of photos come another favorite topic of mine: editing applications.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Photoshop because I can’t vector to save my life. But I do love how it allows me to make a few simple edits, like removing trash on the floor, dragging the background to minimize distractions, and overall just making the photo more cohesive with my Instagram feed. Those sort of things that instantly upgrade ordinary images into high-quality content. 

Let me tell you right now though, Photoshop can be incredibly intimidating. But don’t lose hope on it. If all else fails, YouTube a tutorial.

Another editing app I use a lot is Lightroom. 

Honestly, I used to swear by VSCOcam and its HB2 filter for the longest time, but I never really liked how they’d turn my photos grainy when transferred to my laptop. Long story short, I figured it was time for me to learn the basics of Lightroom and invest in a few presets for my content.

Lightroom makes everything SO MUCH easier in terms of getting the edit that I want. I also love how it lets me control the colors one by one -- giving me the reins on whether I want oranges to be less saturated, or blues to be brighter.

I swear, Lightroom and Photoshop are such game changers for my blog and social media.

By the way, tell me if you want to know the presets I use because I’m thinking about making another blog post on that.


4. Portable Charger

I have a serious fear of losing battery in my phone to the point that I have 2 power banks with me — 1 in the car, and 1 in my bag. I can’t help it. I’m the type of person who’s never without her phone. I even get antsy when I don’t hold it in my hand.

My phone is my absolute lifesaver because apart from getting in touch with my husband for any emergencies, it lets me get so many things done when I don’t have my laptop with me.

Also, my phone loses battery quite a lot because of all the past iOS updates, so I literally have to charge my phone at least 3 times a day. It’s that bad, I know.


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5. Pixel Eyewear Glasses

And now we move onto the main event, the giveaway portion of this blog post. But before we get into that, let me take you through the reasons why you need a pair of Pixel Eyewear glasses in your life.

First off, if you’re reading this blog entry, then you’re either a blogger or someone aspiring to be one, which means you’re constantly in front of a screen. I, for one, am glued to my phone and laptop 80-90% of the time I’m awake. My phone’s the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning — and yes, I know that this isn’t exactly the best way to start my day, but I’m just being real here.

The thing is because I’m always looking at a screen, I’m constantly exposed to blue light. Most people don’t know this but blue light is usually the reason behind dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. Basically, the longer you look a screen, the harder your eyes work to cope with the blue light, so the more susceptible you are to digital eye strain and headaches. 

One way to block blue light is to use glasses specifically made for computer screens. This is what Pixel Eyewear specializes in. They have an entire catalog of computer glasses you can choose from. Their selection of frames is pretty extensive too. I saw a pair I liked right off the bat and I love how they instantly changed my look once I put them on.

Pixel Eyewear can also create computer glasses according to your eye prescriptions. All you have to do is send them an email with your eye care needs when you order.

Personally, I don’t use prescription glasses so I just got the ordinary computer ones, but I do have friends who have eyeglass prescriptions and are struggling to keep up with their eye strain induced headaches. Seriously, guys, it’s a real thing. I would know because I’ve spent many afternoons massaging my temples, waiting for my headache to go away so I can get back to work. 

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Remember, save your eyes, take care of yourself, and continue that side hustle sans the digital eye strain.

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