This year, I challenge myself to travel alone because self-discovery comes when one journeys in solitude.

Travelling has always been something I’m particularly fond of. Truth be told, I’ve always had a penchant for beautiful sights and new places to explore. But what I’m realizing now is that one of the reasons why I loved going on journeys so much is because it holds the promise of wisdom, wisdom that is gained in unfamiliar places and from paths that go beyond the usual comfort zones.

As said in an earlier entry, 2014 was a year of independence for me. But with that independence comes a legion of questions that make me question who I really am, without my job and the people around me. 

And so maybe it’s only fitting that 2015 serve as my year of self-discovery, of me questioning the things I once thought to be true about myself, and of me finally understanding myself without extremities. 

This year, I plan on going on a solitary journey. & although I may not know where I’m headed just yet, I’m certain that once I return, I will be wiser, and maybe that’s all I need for now.