Two months ago, my boyfriend left for his two month long bootcamp for the US Navy.

It was a gruelling two months. Many times I tried to numb my emotions by throwing myself into piles of workload. But I guess I could only practice repressing all the feelings to a certain extent.

One of the hardest things about bootcamp is the lack of communication. It had to be one of the hardest things we had to go through – so far. You see, the thing is, we’re both pretty clingy. Out of the 5 Love Languages, we’d probably score the highest on Quality Time and Physical Touch. But with him being in bootcamp and all, we honestly didn’t know if we’d even get to talk.

Fast forward to three phone calls and four handwritten letters after, we finally got to see each other – albeit through Facetime.

Congratulations, Sailor! I’m so proud of you and I’m so happy that you’re slowly making all your dreams come true! :) I love you, babe. Can’t wait to talk to you again! :)

Roxci De LeonComment