Universal Studios | LA, USA

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There are days when the forecast gets the weather down to a T. And there are also days when the forecast decides to do a complete 180 and leave you unprepared. Guess which one we dealt with during this day?

Days before our Universal Studios visit, the forecast said LA would be inexplicably hot, as usual. So we set out wearing appropriate clothes, me decked in athleisure, and Vergs clad in his usual tank top and board shorts. 

When we arrived, the skies were cloudy and the temperature unbelievably cold – we were shivering at one point. I got a coffee from Starbucks to help keep warm but if I’m being honest, it didn’t do much. The coffee was still appreciated though.

Poor Vergs had to change into a collared shirt and wear his obnoxiously patriotic socks under his loafers. Hahah!

Fortunately, the weather did get better after the first hour. Although to be frank, I wouldn’t know how we would’ve survived if it didn’t.

Learning our lesson from our recent Disneyland trip, we decided to splurge on fast track tickets for Universal Studios. Although they cost a lot more than regular tickets – which btw we could’ve gotten with a military discount – we felt it’d be more worthwhile to cough up the extra dollars rather than spend most of our time in line.

Here are the perks of getting a fast track ticket:

  • An extra hour before anybody else. Fast track ticket holders are allowed in the theme park an hour before opening hours. This means you get first dibs on anything you want.
  • Practically no lines. The way a fast track ticket works is you’re given a ID tag to wear around your neck. With it, you’re given priority access though a separate line reserved just for fast track ticket holders. If you’re worried about there being a surplus of fast track passes, bear in mind, they issue a limit per day. Also, your fast track ID only allows you one fast track entry per attraction. 

Want to know a secret? Sometimes, park attendants won’t scan the ID. So technically, you can go back to the fast track line, since you wouldn’t have “used up” your access for that attraction just yet.

The fast track access came exceptionally handy for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We abused our early 1-hour access by heading over there first thing to see and ride the attractions. Those smiles on the photo above are genuine, you guys. WE WERE SO HAPPY.

Just look at this snap. There was practically no one there!

Compare that to photos I took in the afternoon.


And yes, Butterbeer is a complete must when in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Universal Studios in LA has two versions of the drink: cold and frozen. Both can be a tad too sweet though, so they may be best shared. 

I’m a sucker for Butterbeer so we drank it twice that day. The cold version in the morning, and the frozen one during the afternoon. 

Ever since I first watched a Harry Potter film, I’ve always been enthralled with the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Seeing it come to life with all the drool-worthy platters of food basically had me writing down a goal that I had to eat or at least see the sets of Harry Potter in person.

Granted that I haven’t had the chance to visit the studio set in London just yet, I didn’t want to miss out on the next best thing – The Three Broomsticks diner of LA’s Universal Studios.

Vergs chose The Traditional English Breakfast set, while I got a kid’s meal. In my defense, I was too filled up from all the Butterbeer.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter had to be my most favorite part of Universal Studios. So I think it’s best I end this entry here. After all, I’ve got lots more stories to tell. 

Here’s to hoping I get most of them out before my trip back to Spain!