Vampire Dip Anyone?

A big portion of my San Diego stay involves me stuffing my mouth with food the husband has tried during his last training here. Burgers, sushi, cinnamon bites from Taco Bell (which we both absolutely can’t get enough of) – you name it, I’ve probably devoured it.

One day, we took a drive over to Point Loma to try Slater’s 50/50. “Their burgers are good,” Vergs said. Now, Vergs, isn’t really one to praise food that much so when he says things like these, I always make a mental note to try them out and make a verdict of my own. 

We ordered a plate of Slater’s Vampire Dip, a Bison and Bacon Burger, and a Maple Bacon Milkshake – all to share, because quite frankly we were still a little full from our first lunch (oops) and we wanted to try everything without me having to reel from indigestion after.

I’ll be honest. The Bison and Bacon Burger was a bit of a miss. The meat was just too dry and I had to keep loading up on ketchup to make it palatable. I initially chose it because the bison meat seemed exotic – and I have a thing for strange and new food – but this one just didn’t make the cut. Maybe I’ll like bison cooked another way next time.


The Maple Bacon Milkshake was a no brainer. I’m not that big of a bacon fan and have lived to tell the tale of how I once told a friend about me not caring if I didn’t eat it for the rest of my life; to which I received one of the scariest death stares of my life – but that’s another story. Maple bacon though is an exception. Maple drizzled on anything is a yes in my book. French toast, bacon, ice-cream, it just works. Anyway, I digress. The Maple Bacon Milkshake was of course, delicious beyond reason and was such a good choice. I’ve got to say, I’ve never been happier about the enormous serving sizes of America until we ordered the Maple Bacon Milkshake.

But the scene stealer of the entire meal, was this. A massive platter of bread, pita chips, and veggie slices crowded over a bread bowl of garlic dip. I love garlic. Hate the stench it leaves on my breath and fingers, but I love it nonetheless. Slater’s 50/50 Vampire Dip just oozes out of the bread and is thick enough so it doesn’t disintegrate into the bread. It’s got a powerful taste, but not pungent enough that your tastebuds won’t be able to tolerate anything else while eating. It’s perfect. This very well may be the best appetizer I’ve ever eaten during my stay here. Plus points for it being massively huge, which means I got to pack the leftovers for a midnight snack.

 I went home with my shorts feeling a little tighter that day. But boy did I not regret it. Okay, maybe I did a little.