What To Do In Prague

prague signed by roxci

Out of all the places I’ve ever traveled to, Prague has to be the complete underdog. It’s not as talked about, it’s extremely affordable, and it has tons of surprises.

It was a place my husband and I went to without a clue of whether or not we’d enjoy it. We booked it on a whim, not even knowing what there was to do, but decided to go anyway since we’d be in the area.

Which I guess, is what made Prague a city we’ve grown so fond of and still think so highly of. Everything was unexpected, and everything went beyond our expectations — especially because we didn’t have any.

Now, I’m all for planning every single thing out during trips. But because of our Prague trip, I may be okay with keeping a loose grip on the reins from now on.

Here are 6 things on my what to do in Prague guide!

1. Prep A Love Lock

My husband and I never got to put a love lock in the last time we were in Paris because we heard it wasn’t allowed anymore. Something about the bridge being too loaded with locks to the point that it wasn’t safe to even be on the bridge? I don’t know. But point is, we didn’t get to do it.

On our second Eurotrip, we didn’t even think about bringing a love lock anymore. But when we got to Prague, so many couples were putting their writing their names on their love locks and attaching it to a small bridge near the Charles Bridge. We figured we’d join in and went inside a nearby shop to buy a lock.

TIP: Bring your own lock. There was only one shop nearby that was selling locks so we paid a pretty hefty price tag for one.

2. Cafe Hopping

A part of me is mad at myself for not indulging in Prague cuisine that much, save for their Trdelnik and range of beers, but I feel like at that point in time, I was just really craving for some good avocado toast. Blame the basic in me but sometimes traveling makes me miss the food that I already know I’ll love.

Since breakfast is an absolute must whenever I travel, we decided to take a cab over to Cafefin. A quick Google search told me that (1) the interiors were beautiful, (2) it was open early in the morning, (3) it was 20 minutes away, and (4) they had avocado toast that cost only $7!

Always gotta thank, Google, you guys. It’s the real MVP.

3. Try A Beer Spa

Google is also what brought me to my next must do in Prague: the Beer Spa.

I know. First impression I had was, “WAIT WHAT?”

I was pretty intrigued, to say the least, but since we were in Prague without a plan, I decided to book a room.

prague beer spa signed by roxci

Not gonna lie, when I told my husband about the beer spa, he thought I was confused out of my mind. I don’t blame him. It didn’t make sense to me either.


First off, we each had an oak barrel of our own that was filled with beer. Next to the barrel were two taps where we could drink beer. They had both light and dark versions of Krusovice beer, which were actually pretty good, might I add. I mean, I don’t even like beer but I drank at least 2 glasses. The spa also provided plates of home-made beer bread.

So basically, there we were, soaking in beer, drinking beer, and eating at the same time. IT WAS WEIRD. BUT ALSO, SO GOOD.

A straw bed and shower was offered after and we pretty much took our time. But we made sure we were done with everything in an hour.

Bathing in beer is said to have its benefits such as easing fatigue and removing harmful substances from the body. Whether that’s actually true or not, is something I leave up to you, although I would highly suggest giving this a try regardless.

4. Take A Bobsleigh Ride

Think of Prague’s bobsleigh ride as a rollercoaster you can control.

Perfect for people like me who hate that sinking feeling whenever rides go to fast at a theme park.

Prague’s bobsleigh is 1km long and it has everything a roller coaster has, sans loop de loops. The best part is the lever that determines your speed. Push down to go faster and pull up to move slower.

My husband and I decided to get 5 rides each, which cost about $30 in total. A total steal considering how much fun we had that day!

TIP: A word of warning, the lever can sense even the slightest hint of pressure sometimes, so you may fly out of your seat if you’re not careful.

5. Go On A Dinner Cruise

After using up our energy from bobsleighing, we pretty much passed out in our hotel and woke up just in time for our dinner cruise. Not kidding, you guys. We were running to get to our boat because we were so afraid it would leave without us.

In all honesty, my husband and I would’ve probably skipped going on a dinner cruise, if only we weren’t in Prague and had a carpe-diem attitude!

We chose to get the Sweet Prague cruise which cost about $110/person. It came with a 3-course menu, a bottle of wine, and live music.

My husband and I were probably the youngest ones on the boat, but to be honest, we didn’t care. We looked like a couple on their honeymoon, and it kind of felt like it too. It was romantic, indulgent, and it gave us a taste of what luxury could be.

We left the boat a little tipsy after — we were straight up giggling and glossy eyed the whole night. I blame it on the waves. There’s something about drinking when on a boat that makes liquor a little bit more powerful than usual. Then again, you’d think we’d learn our lesson drinking on the gondola, but I guess, we didn’t.

6. Just Walk

One of the things I’ve noticed about Europe is how it’s a continent of walking. There’s always something to see, eat, and do. All you have to do is take a few steps straight ahead.

We walked all the way from the start of the Charles Bridge to the Prague Castle and then walked all the way back again to the Old Town Square where we saw the Prague Astronomical Clock. The 600-year old clock was going through renovations at the time but that didn’t really stop tourists and locals alike whenever the clock’s 12 Apostles would parade every hour.

TIP: While waiting for the clock’s “show” to start, you can head to one of the nearby shops such as the Sex Machines Museum. ;)

Would we go back to Prague? To be honest, I’m a little on the fence with this one. As much as I’d love to go back, I feel like our first Prague trip was already such an enjoyable one that I’m afraid a second visit wouldn’t be up to par.

Then again, we never know what happens in the future, right?