What Worked & What Didn't In 2018

signed by roxci

Being a blogger means I’ve always tried to keep my feed as aesthetically pleasing as possible — leaving behind minimal room for the struggles and breakdowns I’ve had over the past year.

But every now and then, I like to shed some light on how far from perfect my life really is.

So today, I’m shedding some light on everything. Here are what worked and what didn’t in 2018:


What Didn’t Work in 2018:

  1. Living in hotels for a good 7 months.

    The first few weeks were great. I mean, not gonna lie, having someone clean the room every day was such a great thing. BUT after a long 7 months in and out of hotels, I was sooooo ready to have a place to call our own. Also, don’t even get me started on hotel room wifi.

  2. Breaking down at least once a month.

    It’s insane how many times I’ve broken down this year. A big factor was because of the sense of displacement I was feeling the entire time. The thing that nobody told me about flying country to country is the fact that once the feelings of excitement and happiness go away,I’d be left wanting a real permanent place to call home. And after going so long without it, it made me feel like I didn’t really belong anywhere.

    Basically, I’m saying I am so happy I am done breaking down waaaaay too many times in 2018. My husband is such a rock for putting up with me, I swear.

  3. Food poisoning.

    Wasted food is better than a total of 3 days wasted “dying” in bed.

  4. Sticking to an old routine instead of making a new one.

    Moving to Hawaii, I thought I could just reuse my old routine back in San Diego. But when that didn’t work out, I felt so helpless. A big reason goes yet again to reasons 1 and 2 because I was struggling looking for a sense of normalcy in my life. I needed something stable and structured to help me get on with my day, and finding that wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

    Lesson learned: Make a new routine, even if that means starting fro scratch. It’s better than fitting a square peg into a round hole.

  5. Self pity and selfishness.

    Two things I’m still working toward fixing. More progress on this next time. Hahaha!

I won’t go into detail about the things that worked in 2018 since I’ve talked about them before, but if you’re interested in knowing more, you can click on the links. :)

What Worked in 2018:

signed by roxci roxci vergara
  1. Seeing everything you’ve worked hard for culminate in a day of love and happiness — even though I had to walk down the aisle with a raging fever.

  2. Almost never ending travels (Spain, Manila, Boracay, Bali, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, San Diego, LA, Hawaii).

  3. Growing up — and I mean, packing-your-bags-and-moving-halfway-across-the-world growing up.

  4. Attending blogger events alone and leaving with a ton of new (and incredibly genuine) friends in the process.

  5. Crying happy tears the first time I got paid as a blogger. Always be grateful for the little things, you guys. I’ll never forget that feeling ever.

  6. Feeling like a major adult once you’ve got keys in hand, whether it’s for a car or a house.

  7. Getting such a high from shopping for home stuff and from getting insanely good deals at swap meets and online sales.

  8. Doing stuff you don’t want to do but sucking it up and doing it anyway so you can reap the rewards in the future — I’m looking at you, DMV and USCIS.

  9. Being a dog mom. Scotch has taken such a big part of my heart. I don’t know what I’d ever do without him.

  10. Waking up in the morning and seeing the love of my life next to me.

Happy Holidays and advanced Happy 2019, you guys! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following me in my journey and for all the support. I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for next year. ;)