Why I Want To Go Back To Bali

bali signed by roxci

It’s no secret that I am an Asian girl through and through — love rice, miss the affordable prices and so on. But I feel like living in Hawaii has made me realize how incredibly remote the islands are.

Flights cost more too so our travels have taken a bit of a standstill lately. Then again, we did have our fill of Euro trips the past two years and I am pregnant, so maybe taking a break from all that traveling isn’t such a bad thing.

To satisfy my wanderlust, I think it’s time I posted a bit more about some past trips: Indonesia and Japan. The Japan posts and vlogs are probably gonna take a bit more work since we practically didn’t rest during our 2-week vacay. For now, let’s stick to the Bali trip!

Here’s why I want to go back to Bali:

bali signed by roxci

1. The Affordable Yet Beautiful Villas

There was a time when almost all of my friends were leaving Manila for a quick Bali vacay. It became the new bachelorette spot, where girls would let loose, wear matching swimsuits, and get photos taken by Sweet Escape photographers. It’s still pretty much happening nowadays, and to be honest, I live to see those moments on IG stories. One of which being the Bali villa tours that everyone loves to flaunt on their IG.

Bali villas are beautiful in the sense that they mostly look like they’re photos out of a magazine. Almost all villas have their own pool, their own maids who will gladly cook you breakfast and clean every day, and they all have their own spin on Balinese charm. They either have accents of wood detail here and there, or they go full on. But basically, every place looks beautiful. And the best part is, they’re so affordable given the aesthetic and service.

The villa we stayed in cost only $110/night and if divided among 6 people, that would only amount to a little less than $19 each! A total steal considering we had 3 bedrooms which came with their own bathrooms, a private pool, and house help so we wouldn’t have to bother with cleaning too much.

The best part is, if you sign up using this link, you’ll get $30+ off your booking fee too!

bali signed by roxci
bali signed by roxci

2. The Insane Views

Okay so now that I’ve lived in Hawaii, those Bali views may have a bit more competition, but I still think they’ve got a pretty good shot considering you can see some of these picturesque views from a swing!

Since I’m too much of a scaredy-cat, I didn’t go on the usual IG-friendly swing and went for a much safer option instead. No regrets though. I get it, I’m a blogger and I should do stuff for the sake of the ‘gram. But nope, my fear of heights will always take control over my love for pretty photos.

Travel tip: Once you’re done with the swings, you can also try the most expensive coffee in the world, kopi luwak, also known as civet cat poop coffee.

During our Bali vacay, we also headed over to Ubud to see the Monkey Forest. I may be a bit biased seeing as I love monkeys to begin with. But hey, if you don’t want to pay $6 for the entrance fee, you can spend $2/person instead at the Uluwatu Temple. There you get an amazing cliffside view of Bali’s beauty and you get to see a few monkeys on the way too!

Travel tip: Hide your sunglasses and hats. The monkeys won’t hesitate to grab them from your head. Trust me, we saw this happen a ton of times.

bali signed by roxci
bali signed by roxci

3. The Drinks

Not gonna lie, pregnancy is making me want alcohol a little bit more now that I know I can’t have it. But I made a promise to myself to steer clear until this baby’s out of my body, so for now, let me reminisce on one of my Bali must-haves: Bintang Radler.

I’m horrible at describing liquor drinks, to be honest, so I’ll spare you on this one. But let me just say that this on a sunny day at the beach is an absolute need.

Non-alcoholic wise, Bali is known for healthy food and drink items — think fruit bowls and organic everything, thanks to Instagram. One of the things I treated myself to during our vacay was their juice. Okay, guys, carrot juice is practically the only vegetable-based juice that I will love no matter what age I’m at. It’s great for the eyes, absolutely important for someone like me who’s a blogger. I highly suggest trying it if you want to treat your eyes a little better and also if you’re looking for a vegetable-based juice that isn’t too, you know, green.

I feel like Asia’s my exception when it comes to travel in the sense that I would always go back no matter how many times I’ve been in the past. I could blame it on my Asian roots, but let’s be real here, the food and the prices are what get me every single time.